• 18 листопада 2010, 16:27 | Рецензії | 

    Introductions to Orthodoxy

    This latest introduction is a very small book—no larger than one’s hand—by Katherine Clark, an American-born translator and teacher who lived in Greece for many years and eventually converted to Orthodoxy. Clark does a generally commendable job in explaining the basics of Orthodoxy.

  • 18 листопада 2010, 16:16 | Рецензії | 

    David Bell's Fine Introduction to Orthodoxy

    I rejoiced when I found David Bell’s new book. For I teach introductory courses on Eastern Christianity to students who are largely if vaguely Protestant, with a substantial minority of Roman Catholics making up the rest of my classes. Neither of these groups has any experience of Eastern Christianity, and so I have been trying to find the best introductory text for them.

  • 8 листопада 2010, 23:03 | Рецензії | 

    On Not Selling One's Soul for a Mess of Green Pottage

    For some time now, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, has been acclaimed as the "green patriarch" for his activities and vocal insistence that Christians must be good stewards of creation. But there is more going on here than fastening on to some ecological-theological principle. Fastening on to an issue like this has ensured that the Ecumenical Patriarchate attracts some attention from the bien-pensants to its beleaguered situation in Constantinople, where Christians are fast disappearing.

  • 6 листопада 2010, 20:49 | Рецензії | 

    Overcoming the Chalcedonian Divide

    After continued unofficial and official meetings over the next two decades, progress was made to such a point that, in 1990 in Chamb?sy, both affirmed that “we have now clearly understood that both families have always loyally maintained the same authentic Orthodox Christological faith, and the unbroken continuity of the apostolic tradition, though they have used Christological terms in different ways”

  • 3 листопада 2010, 13:27 | Рецензії | 

    The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire

    Joan Hussey, a professor of history at the University of London, first published this landmark work in 1986. She died in 2006 at the age of 99, but her book has been reissued this year with a new foreword and updated bibliography by Andrew Louth.

  • 1 листопада 2010, 13:34 | Рецензії | 

    Eastern Christianity in the Modern Middle East

    Emma Loosley says that this book seeks to offer “both specialists and general readers some degree of understanding into the daily realities of…Oriental Christians…from the Eastern Mediterranean to the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan”

  • 1 листопада 2010, 13:21 | Рецензії

    The Glory of Ukraine

    This book, brought together by various persons and institutions, including especially the Kyiv Pechersk National Historical and Cultural Preserve and the Lviv National Museum Named for Andrei Sheptytsky, was published in conjunction with an iconographic exhibition in the United States under the same name.